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You have a great product and a big vision. The experts at DGP will help your digital business launch, grow and thrive. 

In today’s fiercely competitive SaaS marketplace, you need more than a great idea and market fit to succeed. Growing a digital business requires a unique approach to product strategy & management, sales & digital marketing, and user experience. Digital Growth Partners is an expert team of digital marketers and product managers focused squarely on growing SaaS businesses, maximizing their recurring revenue and customer value, and minimizing acquisition costs.

Our services

DGP delivers custom, holistic growth services for SaaS and digital products. Based on your product’s lifecycle stage, we’ll tailor an approach that begins with expert strategy and SaaS-customized digital marketing, and engaging brand creative and content, and continues with delightful user experience design, and ongoing metrics and optimization. You can hire DGP as your sales & marketing team, and your product management team. We strive to build long-term relationships based on a shared commitment to your product growth. Our customized approach for your business will include the following services…

PLAN: Strategy & branding

Hit the market running
  • Product strategy
  • Audience research
  • Competitive and market-fit analysis
  • Brand and digital creative

DELIGHT: User experience

Reduce churn, build a following 
  • Demos, product tours, onboarding
  • UI design
  • Customer engagement
  • Community & communications

GROW: Sales & digital marketing

Turn total strangers into loyal customers
  • Content marketing
  • P.R. & media relations
  • Full-funnel optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition

REPEAT: Product management

Keep the product growth and delight going
  • Analytics & insights
  • Affiliates & partnerships
  • Integrations
  • Product roadmaps

About DGP

Digital growth is in our name because it’s in our DNA. DGP’s leadership team is comprised of innovative entrepreneurs with deep roots and broad experience in SaaS, software engineering, digital marketing, communications and creative. We’ve built digital-focused companies, delivered digital solutions to our clients, and even developed our own successful SaaS products.

Leadership team


Brian Anderson

Brian is a visionary technology leader and entrepreneur who has led several successful technology ventures and has developed hand grown his own SaaS products. Brian helps DGP’s clients with business vision and product management strategy.

Brion Eriksen

Brion is an entrepreneur and 25-year veteran of digital design and development in the technology, software and health care industries. Brion helps DGP’s clients with creative, branding, user interface and user experience design.

Amanda Rogalski

Amanda has over 10 years of experience helping companies and organizations with sales and marketing communications. Amanda helps DGP’s clients with media and public relations, sales strategy and positioning.

Ryan Smallegan

Ryan is a seasoned entrepreneur in the I.T., software development and digital marketing industries. Ryan helps DGP’s clients with digital marketing strategies, SEO, full-funnel growth tactics, and analytics.

Joel Ross

Joel is an entrepreneurial leader who has also helped develop technology businesses and his own SaaS products. Joel helps DGP’s clients with business and financial modeling.

Jim Becher

Jim is a technical director and I.T. leader who has deep experience in enterprise I.T. technology and SaaS initiatives. Jim helps DGP’s clients with I.T. strategy and technology consulting.

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